‘Philosophy’ according to our guests:
Guests of all ages and backgrounds seem to enjoy our shops. People feel comfortable in the spaces and come back often. There is a certain kind of cosiness, safety and familiarity; a bit like a ‘home away from home’. When they leave, they often look a lot happier than when they came in!

“De Bakkerswinkel, a cosy place where it feels as if you are dining at a friend’s’. Tasty, high-quality products, home-made, so varied and appealing that you’re spoilt for choice.”

“..a relaxed and homely atmosphere where everyone is invited to enjoy our tasty, traditionally made products. An excellent choice for breakfast, high tea, lunch or just a delicious cup of coffee and a newspaper.”

 “To me, De Bakkerswinkel is a place where I can sit in a warm and cosy atmosphere and where the staff is friendly and attentive. I like the nutritional and traditionally prepared delicacies, although the overwhelming diversity often makes it hard to choose.”

“Weekend!! Coffee, sun’s out, read a book...nice! De Bakkerswinkel!”

Vision De Bakkerswinkel
De Bakkerswinkel is not a chain. Every shop is unique and has its own identity. The space and the furniture have been carefully designed, maintaining respect for the surroundings. We want De Bakkerswinkel to be a place where people feel at home and go away feeling happy. A place where food is prepared with passion and love for the traditionally made biological (regional) products. A place where people come together, whatever their background.

Piet Hekker
Piet Hekker
is the founder of De Bakkerswinkel (The Bakery). In 1981, he opened the first Bakkerswinkel on the Dorpsstraat in Zoetermeer. Many new shops and above all, new ideas, followed.


Born into a baker’s family in Zoetermeer and after finishing Baker’s school, the Hotel and Catering School and the Hairdressing Academy, Piet lived in London for ten years. It was there that he developed a strong interest in design, architecture and urban development. In 1981, he set up his first company in Zoetermeer with partner Tony de Jong. This was the beginning of the organic growth of De Bakkerswinkels. A quirky company, where the words ‘people, product and environment’ give power to the various unique shops.

De Bakkerswinkel and Piet Hein Eek: a common vision
In De Bakkerswinkel, the work of the architect often merges the traditional with the new, and that is also something we try to do with our products: to respect traditional ingredients and give them a new lease of life. Piet Hein Eek (De Bakkerswinkel’s ‘in-house designer’) has a similar respect and understanding of materials, the most important ingredient in his work.

The relationship has grown since the very beginning and he has helped design all De Bakkerswinkels that have opened over the years. We push the boundaries a little more each time. We inspire each other when it comes to expertise and ideas. We complement each other. Piet Hein’s logical approach is refreshing. He engrosses himself in our products in relation to the people who use them, and so the interior merges with the product, as it were.

Unlike many other commercial interiors, the designer does not put the stamp of his ego or authority on the space. He recognises that the space has to work for the people who use it. The atmosphere that the space exudes for guests and staff is always a thorough, weighed-up creation and never imposes a fixed impression. It is important that the spaces designed maintain a certain freedom and flexibility, one where we can create and adapt our own identity.