High Tea

High Tea at De Bakkerswinkel (The Bakery) has become a tradition. From simple to elaborate, always at a festively laid table, intimate for couples or for large groups: every High Tea is a party.


High Tea, or Afternoon Tea, is actually an English tradition: 

'High Tea is a light meal, eaten between 15.00 and 17.00 in England. According to history books, Anna, the 7th Duchess of Bedford in about 1840, was always hungry around 16.00 and could not or would not wait for her evening meal. A light meal was prepared for her that included various types of tea and so it was given the name Tea. The idea caught on to such an extent that all English men and women started drinking tea at 16.00. This tradition still exists. The English tea is not only the beverage, but a light meal with a selection of small, sweet and savoury dishes.'


High Tea for groups

High Tea is particularly suitable for groups, wedding parties, family reunions, birthdays, company outings or business meetings. Please make a reservation in advance and we will help you choose between the different types of High Teas on offer.


Wide variety of choice

At De Bakkerswinkel, High Tea varies from a Bakery Sweets Tea, a scone served with jam and clotted cream, various small "homemade" cakes, friandise, a large pot of tea (flavour of choice) to a Late Afternoon Royal. This includes a scone served with jam and clotted cream, various small "homemade" cakes, friandise, quiche slices, finger sandwiches, fresh fruit salad, a large pot of tea (flavour of choice), three drinks (glass of wine, orange juice, or lemonade), savoury pastries and crackers with different toppings. High Tea is available at every Bakkerswinkel. See the price lists for the different High Teas.


When booking a High Tea the following applies:

Cancellation? At least 48 hours before the reservation.

Will there be fewer people than on the reservation? Give at least 2 hours notice of the exact number in your party. Otherwise, we will unfortunately be obliged to charge for the number on the reservation.

Requests other than the arrangements mentioned can be put together after consultation. For groups we advise you to make an advance reservation.