For either a quick or a full spread, festive lunch, De Bakkerswinkel’s (The Bakery) varied menu offers plenty of choice. We revise the menu twice a year and, in addition to our set range, we prefer to choose from local specialist and seasonal produce. Such as the feta cheese from the sheep farm in Ransdorp,  salty cheese from Zeeland, Diny Schouten’s homemade sausage, or fish from the IJsselmeer. Pick your own sandwich filling to suit your taste from one of the ‘spreads’ and ‘toppings’. Served on the delicious sourdough bread from Van Menno of course.


Besides sandwiches, we also have a range of homemade soups and a variety of freshly made savoury pastries and salads. The flavours depend on the season, the products that are freshly available at that time and the creativity of our kitchen staff. The soup or sandwich of the day is always a surprise and nice and fresh.


Will you be lunching with a group? Is it business or pleasure? Then it’s advisable to book in advance. Telephone De Bakkerswinkel where you would like to lunch.


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