Message: Sunday 22 January 2012, 00 : 23
Name: Lucy
City: London
Location: Amsterdam West
Message: Hello!
I love your bread and cakes, and I had a particularly lovely piece of cheesecake from the Westerpark bakery.
It came on a nice cardboard plate.
Please could you tell me where you get them from as I would love to get hold of some for my waffle shop.

Many thanks and keep making your delicious baked goods!
Kind Regards, Lucy

  Message: Sunday 18 September 2011, 02 : 35
Name: Bonnie
City: Madison
Location: Amsterdam Zuid
Message: Hello!
Stumbled upon this bakery, came back 3 times. In love with Strawberry Jam..customs took jam jar on way back to US.
Can you send Jam to States? Would like to order some, thanks:)

  Message: Monday 02 May 2011, 16 : 48
Name: diane
City: London
Location: Zoetermeer
Message: It was a wonderful time here with sitting and also nice thee just like home!!!
Nice birds on our right side and also nice staff to help us here !!! re comment for every one.

  Message: Friday 25 June 2010, 14 : 56
Name: Evylin
City: Amsterdam
Location: Amsterdam Centrum
Message: I had a verry nice piece of cake from the take away shop at Warmoestreet in amsterdam.when I asked what kind of cake it was they told us Racycling cake!!!!The girl there explaind us that they made the cake only whith product who are who are over from the day before .What a nice ydea....what if everybody is doing this...One better world maybe.keep on going guys!