De Bakkerswinkel
Dorpsstraat 125
2712 AG Zoetermeer
Tel.: 079-3163178
Fax: 079-3167292
closed on Monday
Tuesday - Friday: 9.00-18.00 hours
closed on Sunday


De Bakkerswinkel (The Bakery) at Dorpsstraat in Zoetermeer was the first Bakkerswinkel opened by founder, Piet Hekker in 1981. The patterned tea crockery, the numerous wall decorations and the many jam jars: all ingredients of the true “Bakkerswinkel style’ are present.  

It is the combination of traditional table manners and modern eating habits that make De Bakkerswinkel such an extraordinary place. You can enjoy a full lunch or high tea in the lunchroom or at home, as all the traditional products are for sale at the counter. As well as the sweet or savoury pastries, you can also buy a variety of scones to take away, including homemade jam and clotted cream.

The premises in Zoetermeer are the blueprint for all the Bakkerswinkels. The shops in Amsterdam (3), Makkum, Utrecht and The Hague, respectively, are designed along the lines of the Zoetermeer example. A development process of twenty years is the basis for the unique Bakkerswinkel concept. Born into a renowned baker’s family. In 1981 Piet Hekker and partner Tony de Jong established the company that would grow into something unique: De Bakkerswinkel.

Initially called ‘Twenties’ (referring to the authentic decor of the shop) the shop was later modernised under the supervision of architect Koen van Velsen. The name changed too, and became ‘Nineties’. Now, with a total of seven locations, the bakeries are now generally known as ‘De Bakkerswinkel’.

When booking a High Tea the following applies:
Cancellation? At least 48 hours before the reservation.

Will there be fewer people than on the reservation? Give at least 2 hours notice of the exact number in your party. Otherwise, we will unfortunately be obliged to charge for the number on the reservation.

Requests other than the arrangements mentioned can be put together after consultation. For groups we advise you to make an advance reservation.

Reserveringen en informatie

Contact one of our staff at De Bakkerswinkel for reservations and information. Tel. 079-3163178